3D Modelling

3D Modelling

3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics for producing a 3D digital representation of any object or surface. 3D modeling is an integral part of many creative careers. Our experienced teams of Engineers and architects use it to plan and design your work. Animators and game designers rely on 3D modeling to bring your ideas to life .

Service Offerings in 3D Modelling

At 88 Web Studio, we have got the right technical expertise that enables us in creating the best 3D computerized environment which will take our user to the breathtaking and dynamic virtual world. We offer 3D modeling for your visualization and engineering analysis so that you can make your developmental process much more proficient. Following are few of our services:

The 3D modeling process produces a digital object capable of being fully animated, making it an essential process for character animation and special effects. 3D modeling is a precise workflow often involving the painstaking placement of individual vertices to achieve the correct contours of the desired object .

Benefits of 3D Modelling include: